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Next Project: Tropical Gardens

Next Project: Tropical Gardens

In the far north-east corner of our resort is a large piece of land that has never been used… at least not in a way that has a benefit to our visitors. Over the years large piles of garden disposal arose and endemic plants flourished without anybody noticing.

Although some plans exist for the far future we thought it would be nice to do something with this huge piece of land. So we came up with the idea to transform it into tropical gardens or park with mainly plants and trees that are endemic to Bohol and the Philippines. Some of our staff have good knowledge of plants, trees and herbs that were used for medical purposes not so long ago. Quite a big part of the garden will be used to grow these plants. Also a description of these “grandma’s medicines” will be written for our guests to explain them what they are and for what they were used.

start-tropical-gardenNext to that we will sow/plant some endangered tree species, some fruit trees, flowers and palms. A large deck under our very old Acacia tree in the back of the garden and an open space around another (younger) Acacia tree in the front part of the garden will become two nice and quiet places to enjoy the quietness in the garden and read a book without being disturbed. A few larger and smaller ponds and waterfalls also will make some nice spots to relax.

By creating some bird feeding spots we hope to attract some birds visiting our garden regularly.

Today we started with the preparations by taking out a concrete path and some stairs that would be in the way.
Although this will be a project that will never be really finished, we hope to be well on the way so our guests in the coming season can start exploring our “tropical paradise” inside our tropical paradise Blue Star Dive and Resort.


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