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10 reasons for traveling to Bohol island in the Philippines

10 Reasons for traveling to the island Bohol in the Philippines

When people hear the name “Bohol”, they picture the island Panglao, not Bohol island. Panglao is a small island on the south-east side of Bohol island. It became known because of the backpacker tourism and the abundant nightlife, especially at Alona Beach. Panglao is becoming more busy every year while Bohol island on the other hand is quiet, clean and has very much to offer, except nightlife.

The “capitol” of Bohol island is Tagbilaran, a city with a population of 96,792 (2010 census) and is the place where most people arrive on Bohol, by air or by sea. A very busy town that you want to leave behind you as quickly as possible…

Let’s see what 10 reasons there are for visiting Bohol island:


1. The authentic Filipino culture still exists.

On Bohol island one can still experience the Filipino culture as it was for the last centuries. Friendly people that are helpful, smiling and religious.
The first impression people have when they leave Tagbilaran for their travels on the island is how happy and satisfied most Boholeans appear. Children are playing on the streets with simple, homemade toys and they have fun. The houses look neat and tidy (yes even the streets are clean!), the gardens have tons of plants and flowers and the owners are proud of their homes. Quite a different sight from most of the Asian countries where garbage and dirt rule the street-views.

2. Beautiful nature and Spectacular views

Most people traveling the Philippines say Bohol island is the most beautiful island they saw on their Philippines journey. On Bohol island it is not hard to find unspoiled nature, just go of the main road and it is there. Rent a mountain bike or motorbike at your hotel and explore the area, within minutes you are surrounded by forest. Drive up a mountain and be stunned by the spectacular views over the valleys with rice fields. Deep into the jungle you can be lucky enough to spot a Tarsier or even a Flying Lemur and dozens of different birds.

Bohol island

3. See the amazing Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills or Tsokolateng burol are in the center of Bohol island. A large group of unusual shaped hills, the highest one barely reaching 120 meters, covered with grass that turns to a brown color in the dry season giving them their name.
The Chocolate Hills of Bohol island have been declared the country’s third National Geological Monument and proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are an estimated 1,776 hills on the island, but confirmed at least 1,260 of these rare conical shaped limestone hills exist. The best views you can have from the platform in Carmen. When you are looking for an undisturbed view for stunning photo’s you should try the Bike Zip in the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

4. Diving or Snorkeling with Turtles

Turtle-Conservancy-logo-headerNot 1 but up-to 30+ turtles in a single dive can be seen at Turtle Point on the dive site “Paradise Garden”, the house reef of Blue Star Dive and Resort in the quiet little town Anda in the east of Bohol island. For most people an unforgettable experience. Next to seeing the turtles you might also see a huge school of Big Eye Trevally, Pygmy Seahorses and pristine corals. Blue Star Dive and Resort also has a PADI 5 star Dive Center where you can do your scuba diving courses fro beginner to Pro.

Turtle taken on our House Reef

5. A visit to the Candijay Waterfalls

Can-umantad Falls is the most beautiful falls in Bohol island and is located at barrio Can-umantad, Candijay. It looks so majestic! From far off, you will see the falls as one high drop but when you look closer, the falls has in fact three layers although the 3rd layer is further off and shorter.

The area where the falls is situated is open and can be clearly seen even at a distance. Trees and shrubs at the top and at the side of the falls give a green backdrop to the falls.The ravine looks like a one solid rock with shrubs clinging at cracks and crags.

6. Explore Lamonoc Island

A few kilometers after passing Anda village you will arrive at the starting point of the Lamanoc Island Mystic Tour. You start by walking over a long bamboo bridge, that leads through a large mangrove forest.

Here we will take some time to study the fascinating roots of these trees, and try to spot some of the animals that life between them.

At the end of this pier, you will reach a waiting shed on poles, where we you wait for one of the small bankas that will bring you to Lamanoc Point. These are the same bankas that the local fishermen have been using for centuries, and you will literally sit just a few centimeters above the surface of the sea. After a short trip, you will reach Lamanoc Point.

Lamanoc Point is not just a beautiful nature spot, where you can see various types of plants and animals, including some indigenous monkeys, but also has a long mystical history attached to it.


7. Meet the Tarsier

The Tarsier (known locally as mawmag) measures only between 85 to 160 millimeters and is widely considered as the world’s smallest primate and is also listed as an endangered species. With its large eyes, the Tarsier hunts small insects for food and climbs from tree to tree.

You can see the Tarsier at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary .
The goal of the Sanctuary is to protect the endangered Philippine Tarsier and its habitat from extinction and to provide economic and social development opportunities to the local population through the introduction of eco-tourism-related livelihood endeavors.

A visit to the sanctuary is part of the Bohol Tour Package.

8. The Municipality of Ubay

Ubay is the largest Municipality of Bohol island and houses some important agricultural projects.

1.Ubay Stock Farm

This stock farm located in barangay Lomangog of Ubay town is one of the largest government stock farms in the country with an area of approximately 4,500 hectares. It is where one can find imported breeds of cattle. Ubay Stock Farm serve as a research facility for cattle, carabao, goat, sheep and even ostrich breeding.

2. Bohol Experimental Station

This is the Integrated Agricultural Research Center of Department of Agriculture in Central Visayas. It is a PhilRice’s national lead agency for the planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of all rice research and development activities in the Philippines. It is strategically located in barangay Gabi.

3. Capayas Dam

Capayas Dam is considered as one of the largest dams in the province of Bohol. It is located just along the national highway in barangay Bay-ang of Ubay. The dam is the major source of water supply in the town for home use and irrigation.

4. Ubay Agri-Park

The first of its kind in the Visayan region was recently launched to boost the agriculture and tourism industries in the area. It is a 100-hectare land situated along the national highway in Lomangog, Ubay. Ubay Agri-Park, which helps promote agri-tourism or “farm tourism,” is also a showcase of Bohol island’s advancement in farm technology. Guests or visitors can interact with the park’s personnel on various aspects of farm technology, and they leave the park much richer in agricultural knowledge or production.


9. Explore some awesome caves

Bohol island is sometimes called “Cave Country” because of the more than 1,700 caves one can find on the island.

You can literary find caves everywhere. The one on Lamonoc Island (see Reason #6) is only one of them. Along the roads on Bohol you will find several street signs directing you to them, but many of the caves are un-explored.
See the stunning stalactites hanging from the sealing, and matching stalagmites sticking out of the earth below them when you descend deeper and deeper into the caves. Some of the caves have smaller or larger bodies of water in them and sometimes you can even swim in them.

Places with interesting caves are: Antequera, Jagna and Danao.

10. Bohol is an excellent vantage point for (day) trips to Camiguin or Leyte

When you choose Bohol island as your base during your Philippines holiday it is pretty easy to take day trips to Camiguin island or to go snorkeling with Whale sharks in Leyte.

In just 2-3 hours by boat you will find yourself in a complete new surrounding compared to Bohol island. Visit the warm springs on Camiguin island and climb the volcano or go snorkeling with the amazing Whale sharks that are endemic to the southern tip of Leyte. Mind you, these Whale shark are there because they choose to be there and not while people are feeding them, compared to other places in the Philippines. What you are experiencing is 100% nature.

Both trips are a must when you visit Bohol island on your next Philippines holiday!

Whaleshark Southern Leyte


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