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What is it like to dive Anda

What is it like to dive Anda – Bohol?

When you first arrive to dive Anda Bohol, our dive guides will usually recommend you to make the first Dive on our House Reef “Paradise Gardens” named many years ago by the local dive guides due to the abundance of both hard, soft corals and marine life and because it is the best diving and snorkelling location in Anda, Bohol.

The next question they are likely to ask you is would you like to go to the left to see a Colony of up to 30 turtles nesting on our House Reef, or would you like to go right to see Pygmy Sea Horses in 25m depth sitting on a giant Gorgonian fan. Whichever direction you choose just as you come to the wall there is a resident school of big eye Trevally.

Although our House Reef is without doubt the best Dive in Anda Bohol, there are 29 other dive sites in Anda you can visit during your stay all offering an amazing variety of marine life.

Immediately opposite the resort there is a large sand area in shallow depth ideal for beginner divers to cut their teath at diving enjoying one of our intro PADI courses. We offer the full range of PADI courses in 5 different languages.

For photographers the sandy patches host a large array of crabs, mantis shrimp, pipefish seahorse and plethora of other rare creatures including octopus, cuttlefish and the elusive wonderpuss.

Blue Star dive Anda all year round, 365 days a year, however during the South West Monsoon season we recommend stays longer than 7 nights as you may lose up to two diving days due to weather disruption, this way you will not be restricted from finding out what it is like to dive Anda, Bohol.

Visibility is good all year round, with the best diving between October and May. Sea conditions are generally good all year round with varying sub and sea surface currents, diving is suitable for all levels of experience.

During this period we also offer day trips to Southern Leyte to Snorkel with Whalesharks, Limasawa for some great wall diving. Lamanoc Island for some superb macro/muck diving and Camiguin for the combination of diving and island exploration.




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