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Work in Progress…

We promised to keep you posted on the developments in our resort, especially now where we have several renovation and construction projects going, so here’s an update of the “Work in Progress”!

At the moment we have 7!!! projects running and most of them need to be finished in about 3-4 weeks from now…

As we wrote in our previous post about the tropical garden, this project will be ongoing for the next months, no real hurry there. We started to dig and dig and dig to set the basis for the largest pond. As you can see on the first photo in the small gallery above this post, we hit solid rock! This should be the ultimate foundation for the pond. Next step is to level it and use is as a base for the rebar to be mounted on to reinforce the concrete that will form the pond in the end. Tons of soil has been dug out already, used now to elevate parts of the grounds around the pond.

At the same time we are setting out the boundaries of the large deck around the old Acacia tree. This is, unfortunately, not as easy as it looks or sounds… Acacia trees have huge roots that are very close (sometimes even above) the surface and we don’t want to damage them. So we need to carefully measure and try the best spots for the beams on which the deck will rest.

Photo 4 shows a second spot we chose for a smaller pond with a waterfall. This project is not started yet… it is on the “to-do list” for the time being.

Another huge project is changing the roofs on the massage hut, the Gazebo and the DeLuxe bungalows. We finally get rid of the red metal roofs and get beautiful “Cogon Grass” roofs that will blend in into the garden much better. At the same time we are giving the DeLuxe bungalows a new “jacket” by covering the white outside walls with stone, also to let them blend in more into the environment (photo’s 5-8). The inside of the DeLuxe bungalows is already renovated and updated, we will post photo’s as they become available.

Another huge project is an extension of the dive center. At the seaside of the dive center we will build an extension that will become a dedicated photographers room. The room will be fixed with USB charging outlets, Compressed air outlets, power outlets and aircon. A super place for our underwater photographer guests to take care of their precious equipment. Of course the room will have a solid lock and our 24/7 present guards will make sure nothing happens to your valuables.
There only was one tiny little problem though… there is/was a huge rock on the place where we planned the extension. A problem that is not unsolvable when you have enough strong men to take the rock out! When this is done we just need to transfer a few palm trees to a new location (luckily we are building a new garden…) and the space for the new building is there. Give us a few weeks and it is done!

The last project is the make-over of our reception/restaurant area.
We had two problems that needed fixing:

  1. Eating in our restaurant when there was heavy rain and wind was not really pleasant.
  2. The bar and the pool table were a bit “out of the picture” and the area was not really comfortable

So… we broke out a piece of the wall between the reception area and the hotel room next-door, transferred the stairs and an indoor part of the restaurant was born. Simpelz.

With the stairs gone we automatically created space for a new bar. The construction of this will start in a few days. A transfer of the pool table to the restaurant/reception area is the last step to solve all the previous mentioned problems and the result will be an area that is very cozy and fun to be in.

We will have lots of great evenings here in the next season!!


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