Reseliva Booking Engine & Channel Manager


Jobs @ Blue Star Dive and Resort

We are very fortunate that our people love to work with us and stay with us for many years, but… sometimes we have job openings.

Available jobs in our resort will be listed here, on this page.

Hmm… no listings and you still want to apply? Of course we understand that you want to be the first on our list of candidates when an position becomes available, who wouldn’t want to be.
In that case, feel free to send us your details. Please make sure you include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume (with contact information, languages spoken, diploma’s and (scuba) certifications, Date of birth and period of availability)
  • Recent (passport) picture; Please no pictures of you underwater, with a scuba mask (or other masks…). We also don’t really need pics of your newest swimwear… :-)


Blue Star Dive & Resort Anda, Bohol, Philippines Tel: +63 947 946 5386 Email: dive@bluestardive.com