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Rule and Conditions

Rules and Conditions

Please read this before entering the raffle.


Write your email address and hit “enter” (or “return” on your Mac)

  • You can only enter one (1) email address
  • Discussions about the winner of this raffle are not possible
  • The winner will be randomly chosen from all subscriptions, whether they already existed before the raffle or were entered because of the raffle
  • Gender, religion, nationality or location will NOT be considered when choosing the winner, all subscriptions have an equal chance of winning
  • The price is not transferable, neither can it be monetized
  • The stay will be planned between June 1st, 2016 and June 30th, 2016
  • The accommodation is for one (1) person based on a double room with single occupancy, including breakfast
  • A second person accompanying the winner in the same room can be booked additionally, normal seasonable rates are applicable
  • Other food and drinks during the stay are not included
  • Transfers, excursions and/or scuba diving and snorkeling are not included, but can be booked against applicable seasonable rates


Blue Star Dive & Resort Anda, Bohol, Philippines Tel: +63 947 946 5386 Email: dive@bluestardive.com